MitchSC - Mitch System Control
MitchSC - Mitch System Control
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MitchSC is a computer program that controls an individual’s database records on the daily base life of a person with disabilities.

The records submitted will provide vital information to parents and personal care assistants responsible to monitor the person’s health and well-being.


MitchSC has 18 modules available with a friendly environment. It is easy to use and all setup settings do not take more than 2m after be installed.

The program can be full downloaded for free and work in demo mode as long you desire.

While in demonstration some functionalities will be restricted and only 1 record per day will be available per module.

MitchSC licensing agreement works by 1 year subscription from the activated date. The 1-Year Subscription is only valid for the one year, and after that period the license will be deactivated unless you renew the license.

When deactivated MichSC will work back again in demo mode! Your data will be safe and not affected during this period.

For more information please read our online licensing agreement.

For questions and clarifications about the license! Please contact our commercial department through the available means of communication.


Download / Pay / Activation

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Please Note

If you or the person you are supporting is receiving a personal or health budget/direct payments speak to your social worker about MitchSC or contact us for further information.

Development Note

MitchSC project was created and developed by DNAS for a special boy with autism disability and learning difficulties.

All commercial rights & trademarks belongs exclusively to Marcella Cooper.

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