MitchSC - Mitch System Control
MitchSC - Mitch System Control
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Our Vision 

MitchSC - Mitch System Control

MitchSC is a computer program that controls an individual’s database records on the daily life of a person with disabilities.

The records submitted will provide vital information to parents and personal care assistants responsible to monitor the person’s health and well-being.

You can download for free the complete software at Products list and use it in demo mode for unlimited time until activated.

When you download MitchSC and you complete the instructions it will provide vital information and data. Whilst sometimes you are unable to tell whoever is supporting you what’s happening, you will be able to record and respond to the program which is easy to use.

The information it records will help to understand behaviour patterns and it will send alerts. A key part of the program is about your health and well-being. It will give you control and confidence and will help others to daily appraise the support you are receiving.

There are eighteen modules, and every single one of them will help you to communicate to others what’s happening to your health and well-being.

The data it provides can be analysed to assess what’s working well for you and what isn’t working well.


Our Vision

Point Make caring an interesting and enjoyable profession for those using MitchSC.

Point Provide good and positive support to young people/adults.

Point Raise the profile and encourage more people to become Personal Care Assistants to vulnerable young people/adults who are using MitchSC.

Point Employ people with autism and a learning disability who are using MitchSC to become ambassadors, and to train others on how to use the program.

Point Create a safe forum for families of people with autism and a learning disability via our website to express their views and to seek support.

Point Continued MitchSC improvement and distribute it.

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Please Note

If you or the person you are supporting is receiving a personal or health budget/direct payments speak to your social worker about MitchSC or contact us for further information.
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